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Good hard spankings

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Spanking the Woman you Love
Super hot blonde girl with one of the nicest bubble butts gets a hard spanking, first over the principles knees then she gets her pants. Punished Brats - If you want to see spoiled brats get the bare bottom spankings and discipline they deserve, Punished Brats is the site for you. Hot red bottoms. WE OFFER HARD BOTTOM BEATINGS YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON: Launched in , Bottommarks is an online corporal punishment .


Good hard spankings
First let me tell you a little about myself. I have had a fascination with spanking for as long as I can remember. Long before puberty and long before I would have. Super hot blonde girl with one of the nicest bubble butts gets a hard spanking, first over the principles knees then she gets her pants. Jake’s Dilemma. Originally posted on The Spanking News. Sometimes tough decisions must be made regardless of how painful the outcome might be. During my university.
Good hard spankings
Good hard spankings Good hard spankings
Good hard spankings Good hard spankings
Punished Brats - If you want to see spoiled brats get the bare bottom spankings and discipline they deserve, Punished Brats is the site for you. Hot red bottoms. Spanking Videos of my adventures and painful lessons learned. I am usually spanked over the knee on my bare bottom, and sometimes I get the belt. Super hot blonde girl with one of the nicest bubble butts gets a hard spanking, first over the principles knees then she gets her pants.
Good hard spankings Good hard spankings

Many would ask advice about which spanking paysite I would recommend, others would ask more obscure questions about spanking in professional wrestling, or the title of a mainstream movie that had a spanking scene in it. Surely there must be some website where they all hang out, or a spanking personals site full of women just waiting for men to take them home and put them over their knee. If you are simply looking for someone to spank, or be spanked yourself for that matter, there are personal sites that do exist, but if you are actually trying to find a woman for a long term relationship on one of these sites, you really need a lot of luck and patience.

What about spanking parties? Shadowlane has one every year in Vegas, and there are smaller parties and get-togethers in many other major cities throughout the world.

Do you sit and wait for the next party the following year? There has to be a better way. So how does a single guy or girl find a partner for a long term relationship that includes spanking?

Where are all these people hiding? They are not hiding. The fact is they are all around you and have always been! First let me tell you a little about myself. I have had a fascination with spanking for as long as I can remember. I never knew why I had these feelings and desires, and I grew up like many of you did, feeling there was something wrong with me or worse, feeling I was alone and possibly the only person on this planet that had this fetish..

As I started to become attracted to the opposite sex, my eyes would always focus on her derriere. Not just the most beautiful body part, the most beautiful, period. I mean out of everything on this earth! In fact, personality is the most important thing to me when looking for a partner. And if I love her personality, she transforms into a super model. So why am I telling you all this? And I am happy with who am am.

Needless to say when it comes to relationships, spanking is the one thing I must have. Without it I could never be truly happy. And why would I or anyone want to be in a relationship and not be happy. Take those studies, surveys and polls and throw them in the garbage!

So if someone is asked in a study or survey if they enjoy being spanked, and they have never tried it, they probably are not going to be putting an X in that box. And on top of that, some might have had a bad experience or unpleasant memories of spanking from when they were a child.

When I was a kid I hated vegetables. One of the only vegetables I liked as a kid were potatoes and that was pretty much it. So if I would have been asked in a survey which vegetables I liked, the list would have been very short.

But now as an adult I like a very wide variety. Even vegetables that used to make me want to throw up, like onions, I now enjoy. The same applies to spanking. If you believe ahead of time that you will fail, you will. This is very important. If not there are plenty of websites that cover this topic and can offer lots of tips. I will say however that if you have recently found yourself single, give yourself some time before jumping back on the dating bandwagon.

Is there a specific personality trait to look for in a spanking partner? Out of the ten serious relationships I have had lasting over a year , every single one of them were cool with spanking. I am not saying that if you meet someone with one or all of these traits you are guaranteed the perfect spanking partner, but your chances are greatly improved in my opinion.

Now again, having some of these traits does not mean there will be no spanking in this relationship, but they are negative signs and something to be aware of. When do you bring up spanking? Well, if spanking is something you must have in a relationship, now would be a good time. This may sound harsh to some, but think about it for a second.

Many people do the same thing when in comes to being attracted to a person. For example a woman might like only tall men, or a dark complexion.

Others might only like guys with a certain personality; like those who are funny, or the strong silent type. Whatever it may be, it is impossible to force yourself to like someone or be liked.

Life is too short to spend it in relationships where you are not happy. Now if she is very open and already talking about sexual subjects with you then by all means bring up the topic of spanking and see where it goes.

A few ways to test is by bringing the subject up in normal conversation without making it obvious you are talking about something sexual. It would be like asking if she likes to give blowjobs. She might just stand up and leave! Instead, try to bring up the subject in a more indirect way or better yet, by letting her start the conversation. That way the heat is kind of taken off you in case something goes wrong. For example, girls will do naughty things from time to time, like swearing, gossiping, not picking up after herself, etc.

You need a good spanking! Look at her reaction, and watch carefully because many times it happens in a micro second. Did her expression change? A look of excitement? It is that initial reaction that might give you an idea if spanking is in your future with this person. There are many other ways you can do the preliminary test, so try to use your imagination and come up with something in your own words that seems natural to you and not scripted.

Open communication is key. This will not help things later on. Lets move ahead now to where you are a little further into the relationship. I realize everyone moves at their own pace, so lets assume you have already had sex, possibly multiple times, at this point. This is the time to introduce spanking.. She might have told you that she loves it when a man goes down on her, or that she enjoys having her ears nibbled on, breasts licked or gently bitten.. This is not a time to rush things, because if you do you could potentially turn her off spanking..

Once a person has had a bad experience with something, they are usually very reluctant to try it again. I know this will require a lot of restraint for many of you, especially if you have never spanked a woman before, but please listen to me when I say take it slow and easy especially the first couple times.

If you really want to play it safe, start off by giving her a few gentle swats during sex. A light slap on the behind during doggy style sex is perfect for this. That way your hand coming in contact with her bottom will not be a frightening thing for her. Remember to keep it light at this stage, unless of course she enjoys it and orders you to smack her behind harder!

If this happens, great, but try not to go overboard. You never want her to feel uneasy or scared of the experience. If you start spanking her like a maniac you could quickly turn her off spanking forever, and no amount of begging or pleading will make her change her mind.

You may notice when you put her over your lap the first time, and subsequent times as well, that she will probably have a big smile or grin on her face.

Women will often do this when they are a little nervous or embarrassed so it is your job to make sure she is comfortable every step of the way. One smack that is too hard will not ruin everything, although many in a row while ignoring her pleas to stop very well could. Women are not delicate little china dolls like some men think. Most can take way more pain then you ever could.

Remember the main goal is to make sure she is happy and comfortable. Do this and you will most likely be able to spank her again.. One other thing def initely worth mentioning is the use of implements, like a hairbrush, paddle, belt, cane.. Again, take it slow. Again, once you turn someone off it is very difficult or impossible to turn them back on again.

The same applies to positions. Assuming all has gone well up to this point, for future sessions you can begin to experiment by spanking her a little harder and longer then before, and possibly trying new positions..

Explore roles such as the naughty secretary and the boss, or school girl and teacher, slave and master, you get the idea. While a woman is in a role she is usually more open to try new things, and she will be having fun at the same time.

This may be true but I have always found it best to err on the side of caution, then to take things too fast and ruin it, then sit back and complain that there are no women out there that like to be spanked. This guide is not some magical way to turn every woman you meet into a spanko, but more of a way to have the average woman at least be willing to participate. Look at it the same as riding a bike. They will probably crash and the next time you mention learning how to ride a bike again, they will probably not be interested for some strange reason.

On the flip side, by just mentioning the word spanking to your new girlfriend she might throw herself over your knee and say how she has been a very naughty girl! If things move a lot faster then what I have described in this guide, then by all means, go with the flow.

She may already be right before your eyes.

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